Why Coaching?

Why Herdleader?
All too often owners don’t treat their horses as just that; horses. It is too easy to humanise them and this is when I’ve seen problems arise.
I don’t believe that the way you interact with your horse should be based on aggression or dominance. This is why I want to promote leadership. This is an effective way to think about how you treat your horse and how your horse needs to see you.
Horses have evolved in herds and so the vast majority of them are followers and not leaders. But, if you show any weakness they will all too easily assume the role of the leader because they have evolved to do this to survive! Some people like to think of themselves working in a partnership with their horse but this is not a natural concept to a horse who only understand the concept of a herd; where one horse leads and the rest follow.
This website is about my experiences in reaching this realisation and my continuing quest to improve my own understanding.  Over the next few pages I have tried to group together the techniques that I have used, though I have rarely used them in isolation from each other.
Can I Help You and Your Horse?
Whilst I continue to learn I would like to be able to pass my existing knowledge on to others and so I hope this site gives you inspiration to consider life from your horses point of view. Alternatively I would be delighted to help you in person where my aim is to teach you how to solve your own problems. I usually find that one session is enough to get you on the right track and change your relationship with your horse forever.
I have studied many different forms of training and handling horses over the years but I have never felt that one particular training ‘system’ was correct for all animals. I therefore use my experience to work to find the best solution for each individual horse or problem.
I am based in South Oxfordshire, near Reading, and I am keen to help other owners either in person, by phone or email.