HerdLeader combines a range of products with my horse training, coaching and body-working.... and love for everything horse related.  The range of products was devised when one of my horses, Florin, developed Sweet Itch at two years old. Like many owners I undertook lots of research to fully understand the condition and to manage Florin in the best way possible; he sadly became a more extreme case as he matured.

I am fortunate to have links to March Laboratories Ltd, who specialise in equine, canine and feline health care, and have a scientific background and approach to problems. I work alongside their chief scientist to design and continually improve the HerdLeader SR range of products to be effective and easy to use.

Our healthcare supplements are based on sound well accepted scientific evidence and we are proud to show this evidence wherever possible. We believe that Nature and Science can go hand in hand and so the active ingredients in our natural remedies come from natural sources. All of our healthcare supplements use pharmaceutical grade materials, despite their increased cost, in order to guarantee the highest possible consistency and bio-activity. Our supplements are always the highest quality-which makes them the perfect choice for quality-conscious consumers who want a healthy horse.

My horse training and coaching experience has been gained over more than 35 years, with nearly 25 years of teaching. I’m a qualified Ride With Your Mind (RWYM) coach and have trained with Mary Wanless for nearly 15 years.

I am an MMCP in the Masterson Method - Integrated Equine Performance Bodywork. I have been looking for a modality of bodywork to compliment my Ride With Your Mind biomechanical coaching for many years. Masterson has always appealed to me above anything else and I am enjoying combining it into my work.