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HerdLeader AA - Oral support (grass, pollen or unidentified irritations)


Use of the oral feed supplement is essential with use of additional topical support as judged appropriate to the animal and condition of the skin.

HerdLeader AA is a neutraceutical non-medicinal product containing nicotinamide which helps to maintain a healthy skin in horses prone to irritations in the summer months.

It is fed daily as a liquid additive to the horses food concentrate. Feeding should begin as early in the season as practical before potential irritations start.

Feed once daily by drawing up the correct amount of the product into the syringe provided and sprinkling it over a small handful of concentrate which you then give to your horse.

If you choose to add it to your horses whole feed ration then ensure that the liquid is taken and not wasted in the bottom of the feed bucket/bowl.

A 125ml bottle of HerdLeader AA is one month’s supply  for a horse and 40 days supply for a pony.

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