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Memo - the best behaved of them all!

Memo is not technically mine as he belongs to my mother but he has been ‘brought up’ by my and lives with my two horses. We’ve had him since he was 3 years old and backed him ourselves. My first ride on him was with a headcollar and two leadropes - and it really was that easy. He has a great temperament, is not at all nervous and loves everybody. You could liken him to being hand-reared - the biggest problem we’ve ever had with him is his over familiarity! Despite having an excellent and laid back temperament, Memo has undoubtedly benefited from what I have learnt from Soldier. This is what his owner had to say;
Memo (now 17) and Soldier have lived together for thirteen years and, although companions, they are not always friends.  If Soldier is ‘the dark side’ then Memo is from the light!  They are temperamentally opposite and therefore complement each other very well. Memo is a ¾ Arab, ¼  Dartmoor bred in Cornwall by friends of ours and as an unbroken 3 year old he was meant to be a project for Jo as much as a mount for me.  
Within 2 weeks of Memo’s arrival Jo was riding him round the woods bareback in a head-collar.  As he turned 4 and wearing his first ever set of shoes she took him on an organised ride where he was happy to lead his little group.  Jo took every opportunity to introduce him to new situations, traffic, local shows, heavy machinery etc rather than let me have to cope but fortunately Memo came with few hang-ups other than a dislike of getting his feet wet!
Over the years Memo has proved his worth many times by shielding Soldier from the nasty things in life although these days Soldier is able to return the favour just as often.  Any issues that may have arisen with Memo have been minor relative to Soldier’s problems and very straightforward for Jo to solve.”
This is an old picture of Memo helping me out at a long-lining demonstration.

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